About Kerala Folklore Academy

Kerala Folklore Academy, an independent center for cultural affairs, was established on 28 june 1995. The main objective of the Academy is to promote and project the traditional art forms of Kerala. Kerala Folklore Academy, an autonomours center for cultural affairs, is located in Kannur. Kannur District, Kerala.The institution was constituted by the Goverment of Kerala and works under the Cultural Affairs Department, Goverment of Kerala.

The institution provides financial assistance of folk artists.Economic aid programs and academic councils are conducted to promotr the traditional Kerala art forms. The institution aims to promote and preserve the traditional art forms of Kerala. Kerala Folklore Academy was constituted by the Goverment of Kerala on 28 June 1995 under the Cultural Affairs Department,Goverment of Kerala, Trivandrum. The Institution was formed under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration act of 1955. It began functioning on 20 January 1996.

Ongoing projects

Awards, Felloships and Gurupooja Puraskar to the established artists.Last year the distribution was as follows:Felloship - 3, Awards - 27, Gurupooja Puraskar - 22 A part from this, talented young artists are awarded Prasasthi Pathram also. On the name of our former Chairman late P.KKalan an award is constituted worth Rs.100000/- This year the award was given to the top most folk performing artists/researcher for their total contribution in the field of Folkelore.


  • To promote the folk performing art forms of Kerala.
  • To provide training for boys and girls in folk art forms.
  • To record these arts scientifically and classify them categorically.
  • To prepare records of folklore materials after conducting basic survey.
  • To publish folklore Directory and Folklore Encyclopedia.
  • To Establish folklore museum and archives.
  • To collect and publish folk stories and songs which are transmitted from generation.
  • To Evolve new art forms from the traditional arts without loosing their identity.
  • To Honor leading artists by giving awards and fellowships.
  • To Give awards to high quality research publications on these area.
  • To Start and maintain a publication.
  • To Conduct festivals in the field of folk arts.
  • To Arrange performance by troupes approved by the Academy inside and outside the state.
  • To promote interstate cultural exchange program was and thereby contribute to the national integration of India.
  • To perform other additional functions that may be entrusted to the Academy by the Government time to time.
  • To give grants and financial assistance to institutions which impart training in the folk arts.
  • To Establish a Folklore library.